At Lexi we are Light Fanatics, or if you prefer, Light Freaks, Light Fiends,
or our favorite, LightHeads!
We absolutely love lighting.

To us-Lighting is Magical. And we wanted to bring that magic to Life! Here are a few of the ways we did that.

Hub vs No Hub

No Hub is easier and less expensive. However, you give up alot of features-Hubs enable much of cool functionality we have built like Light Shows and reporting. We want Lexi to work for you-so go Hubless if you like. You can always upgrade later.

Our Hub-Its Packin'!

Inside our Hub is a Raspberry Pi Zero W. Thats a full computer with 1GHz processor with 512MB RAM. The same power as a laptop of a decade ago. We did some custom "modding" so that our Hub has WiFi, Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy Mesh (BLe Mesh) and 900MHz radio.

Take Them With You!

Did you notice that our Hub is a USB stick. So its portable. Plug it into a Power Bank and take it, along with a few lights, with you.

Lets Make Some (Light) Art!

Lexi supports two Light Art concepts-Scenes & Light Shows. In a Scene all the lights move through the same colors at the same time. Light Shows run patterns across multiple lights in 3D space.

We have built InApp creative tools to enable you to easily make Light Art. Or download our Light Art file templates, to use 3rd party tools and upload their creatives into Lexi.

Sharing is Caring

We made it easy to share your Light Art with anyone else on Lexi-your friends, your family-anyone you meet in LightNation and want to show off. Send them a link through the Lexi mobile App or they can copy and paste a link from an email or forum post.

We Play Nice with Others

So you already own smart lights from another
manufacturer. No problem, you can run those through your Lexi Mobile App too. No "Walled Gardens" here. Lexi has already integrated with Philips Hue, LIFX & Sylvania/Osram.

Music Control

Music Control that Doesnt
Make your Head Hurt

Most Music Control doesnt work (and gives you a headache) because the "frame rate" is too low and the lights suffer from high latency so the lights simply cant keep up. With our 900MHz radio, Lexi Lights dont have those problems, so you can actually use Music Synch to run your lights. For Real.
How about alittle OTA?

How about alittle OTA?

And by OTA we mean Over the Air Updates. When new features are available, the Mobile App will receive notification and you can upgrade the Hub and all devices with new software.

Knowledge is Power

Our Cloud Data Platform, called Cirrus, optionally stores your light & sensor data. On top of that, we have built some nice reporting & analytics tools. Look at monthly trends or drill down to minute by minute analysis.

APIs-Get yer APIs

We have made ALL our core functionality available via Restful APIs. Check out the Developers section of the site here.

Smart Speakers & Rules Engines

We didnt forget. Yes, we work with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. And soon Apple HomeKit and Samsung SmartThings.

We also have a built in Rules Engine which works with IFTTT.