Lexi began life focused on Light Art and that continues to be extremely important to us.

We want to empower an entirely new class of creators-Light Artists, and we hope that is why you are here.

Lexi supports four Light Art Concepts-Scenes, Patterns, Light Shows & Compositions.

  1. In a Scene all the lights move through the same colors at the same time.
  2. Patterns are patterns of light moving across a single device (we currently dont have any devices where this can be used, but we will soon.)
  3. Light Shows run patterns across multiple lights in 3D space.
  4. Compositions are the ability to set different groups, types or categories of lights to different Configurations simultaneously. A Configuration is on/off, brightness, color and/or color temperature, a rule which specifies a trigger, action and light configuration and/or a Scene, Pattern or Light Show.

We have architected the entire platform, from hardware to software, to support the creation & display of Light Art. In particular, the Lexi Platform
has the following features designed for Light Art:


1. 900MHz Radio.

We incorporated 900MHz radio into some of our lights specifically for its unique combination of low latency, high bandwidth, range and object penetration. Our Hub can operate lights up to half a kilometer away-through trees and buildings.

2. ART Lights.

As the name implies, these are lights specifically designed to showcase Light Art. This means they all incorporate our 900MHz chipsets and are designed to showcase the beauty of lighting.

3. Battery & Solar Powered Lights.

It doesnt help to have a half kilometer range if you cant take advantage of it. Thats why our many of our Art Lights are battery or solar powered.

4. Portability.

Art is meant to be shared. We intentionally made our lights & hub portable so that all the components necessary to take an Art Light show on the road were available.


1. InApp Creative Tools.

The Lexi mobile apps include Light Art creation tools. These are currently focused on the creation of Scenes.

2. Desktop Light Art Creation Software.

Lexi will soon be releasing Desktop Light Art Creation Software which will enable Light Artists to easily design Light Art for the Lexi Platform. This will include the ability to create 3D patterns, designate their color sequences, frequency and other attributes and then easily export them to the Lexi Platform including the Marketplace.

3. Support for 3rd party Light Art Creation Software.

We are working with several third party Light Art Creation Software developers to build in native support for the Lexi Platform. Once these integrations are complete, users will be able to natively export their Light Art files to the Lexi Platform.

4. Social Sharing.

Art is meant to be shared. We built social sharing into the platform so that anyone can easily share their light art creations with any other Lexi App user-friends, family or members of LightNation.

5. The Marketplace.

The Lexi Platform supports rich & potentially complex art functionality. We can all appreciate beautiful art, but very few of us have the time or skills to create it. To bridge this gap, and to also provide a financial mechanism to reward artists for creating Light Art, we built the Marketplace for the buying & reselling of Light Art.

6. Data Compression Algorithms.

We recently submitted patent applications on our data compression algorithms for 900MHz radio. These methods have currently enabled us to increase the number of supported lights from 100 to 500 at 30 frames per second.

7. CubeSpace.

Our Patent Pending CubeSpace is critical to how the Marketplace works. CubeSpace "Normalizes" any user's light configuration and any Light Show into a 3D Cube. By doing so, Light Shows can be run across any users light because both the Light Show and the Users Lights now share the same pre-defined 3D space.

Normalized Light Distribution

User 1 Configuration

Pattern Moving Through CubeSpace


8. Gesture Creation using a Mobile Phone.

Using the accelerometer inside a mobile phone, users in the Lexi Mobile App can modulate existing Light Art frequencies by shaking, tapping or rubbing their fingers back and forth on the screen. You can also trace 3D patterns in CubeSpace using your mobile phone (see illustration below).

Pattern Tracing using a Mobile Phone


9. Gesture Creation using a Motion Capture Device.

Lexi also supports using a motion capture device, such as a glove, to create light art or to modify existing Light Art. (see illustration below).

Motion Capture Device in CubeSpace