Frequently Asked Questions

We will see you our Wireless Modules, Integrated Wireless & LED Driver PCBs on a volume pricing basis. Once we know your forecasted volume, we will prepare pricing for you. To learn more please contact

We will deliver any one of our Wireless Modules/PCBs to you on either trays or in rolls, depending upon which product you select. Wireless Modules only are usually delivered in rolls, while Integrated PCBs are delivered in trays.

Our MOQs for either are quite low-500 for any of the Wireless Modules/PCBs. These low MOQs allow you to test into Smart Enabling your product without high upfront costs. If you elect for the MOQ minimum, you may have to wait for our next production run of your selected items in order for them to be delivered.

Yes, please contact

After you Smart Upgrade your products with Lexi Wireless Modules or Integrated PCBs, we are willing to resell your products through our marketing channels on a consignment basis in which we pay you for your products sold as we sell through them. We will agree upon a price for the consignment sale and Lexi, at its sole discretion, may mark up your product to consumers.

50 per SKU is the MOQ for any one product for Lexi to resell them.

We will charge you a monthly storage fee plus pick, pack & shipping fees for each of your products we sell.

Here are the rates-

  • Monthly Per Pallet Fee-$12.50
  • Handling inbound per pallet would be $4.00.
  • Order fee/Pick fee would be $3.80 per order (Includes 3 picks).
  • Picks above the standard 3 would be $0.60 each.
  • Special labor/Value added services bill @ $45.00 an hour in 15 minute increments.

You can ship LCL or FCL direct to our warehouse in Kentucky.

Of course-that is actually what we want you to do.

Yes, we will Co-Brand both the Mobile Apps and Cloud App for you or your OEM customers, whichever you prefer.

We do not, but you can use the API to create your own Mobile APPs or Cloud APP if you like.