Our Story

Smart Lighting is awesome. But lets be honest, it could be better and it hasn't really lived up to its promise-Yet... We are Light Fanatics who want Smart Lighting to work-across our entire house, in our front yard, for parties, kids birthday parties and quiet nights at home.

Other Smart Home devices are pretty straightforward-I just need one video doorbell and one thermostat. Lighting is far more complex-the average US house has 67 lights. Actually, its 25 in apartments and 85 in single family homes. The promise of the Smart Home is that I can just turn on my lights with one command. Except there are nearly 100 of them and we do not want them all doing the same thing at the same time!

And we dont need to tell you that those 100 lights are by no means uniform-rather there is a nearly infinite number of bulbs and fixtures produced by a nearly equally large number of companies. But you already know that by looking at your own home.

Its important to consider that Lighting is singularly unique in that it is both highly functional and it can also be highly artistic and entertaining. While we are solving for the complexity of making 85 Smart Lights reach their true potential, we dont want to loose sight of the incredible abilities presented by Smart Lights to greatly enhance our every day well through their artistic aesthetic where the whole is truly greater than the sum of the parts.

Our Story

Our Mission

When we wrote our first Specification for Lexi we began it like this - "Create Magic. Create Wonder. Create Happiness. Do this through beautiful lighting systems coupled with other functionality that, when combined, creates wonder & excitement."

As Light Fanatics, we want everyone to truly experience the incredible potential that great Smart Lighting can have on their lives.


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